TikTok Sensation Thembi Receives a Car From Her Boss Malcolm

TikTok Sensation Thembi Receives a Car From Her Boss Malcolm. A few months ago we got introduced to the duo, when their videos became a hit on TikTok. They have such a unique relationship, which is filled with love, laughter and precious moments. Thembi Ubisi and Malcolm Wentzel are back on trends again.

Malcolm, has kept to his word, and bought Thembi her first car, after dropping hints a number of times on social media. Although she had a driver’s license, Malcolm took it upon himself to take his domestic worker to a driving school. Thembi was able to practice more, and gain the much needed confidence.Malcolm, then surprised her with a car of her choice.

When issues of race in South Africa, worsen by the day, Thembi and Malcom, give us hope that we can live together in peace and harmony. Checking their inspirational videos on TikTok and Twitter, will do anyone good.

Congratulations to you Thembi.

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