Tito Mboweni Puts A Stop To Tweeps Mocking His Shoes

Tito Mboweni Puts A Stop To Tweeps Mocking His Shoes. He has had it, and has had it up to here! Towards the end of 2019, Tito Mboweni expressed how exhausted he was with Twitter. The Finance Minister decided not to do any original tweets anymore.

I came to the conclusion that Twitter is no longer about its original purpose: i.e. to create a networked society. It is now and abusive platform,” he said back then.

Well, we all know how it goes with social media platforms, once you log on, its difficult for you not to engage or post something. Although Mboweni felt some type of way about Twitter, he still continued to tweet. His posts are mainly on politics, and his favorite past time activity, cooking.

Recently Mboweni shared a video of himself and his sons, dancing to the song that took the world by storm Jerusalema. Instead of applauding the minister for his dance moves, some mocked the shoes he was wearing. Tweeps did not miss the fact that, Mboweni has worn these shoes on several occasions.

These shoes are Clarks Ok. They are comfortable for old people! Laugh at them for the last time,” he said.

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