Top 10 Best Female High School Principals in Kenya
Othaya Girls Principal Jane Wacheke Photo/Nation Media

By Tonny Nyanchwa
Various Secondary schools in Kenya have been on the limelight for their outstanding performances both in academics and co-curricular activities. And it goes without saying, success comes without proper management.

All girls’ secondary schools in Kenya have been outshining their male counterparts. That confirms how the female principals dedicate themselves to their work. In this article, the writer looks at some of the best female high school principals in Kenya:

Susan Owino
The Principal of St. Francis Rang’ala Girls is what you would term as an iron lady. Mrs. Owino does not leave anything to chance when it comes to learning. The school laboratory is well equipped making it easy for teachers and students to carry out practical lessons. This is something that motivates her students to develop an interest in science subjects. The school performs well in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education.

Jane Waceke
The 49-year-old principal of Othaya Girls has a reputation worth being emulated by her peers. She came up with an idea; double-digit focus, where several schools sync timetables to share ideas. Kanjuri Boys, Buruburu Girls, Othaya Boys, South Tetu Girls, and Tumu Tumu Girls Secondary Schools embraced her idea and are now among the best performing schools.
Jane puts more effort daily to achieve a mean score of 10 and above. She introduced digital learning in her school, and now they are using zoom technology, which is like video conferencing, where the learners interact and learn from each other. Her innovativeness earned her the 2019 Principal of the Year Award (Poya).

Sr. Ann Josephine Apiyo
Sister Apiyo is a God-fearing lady who dedicates her time to God very early in the morning before taking up her teaching duties. She doubles as a nun and a teacher. Her hard work and determination have seen her school excel for years. Who would be that biased not to recognize her among the best female high school principals in Kenya?

Mrs. Hilda Muriuki
Mrs. Muriuki makes it on this list for obvious reasons. Her professionalism. The former principal of Bahati Girls and Heroes Secondary Schools has seen a lot in her career. At some point, the parents and students of Heroes Secondary hijacked her from her new school, Kirobon High School, and took her back just for the love they had for her. A hard-working lady, right?

Feliciana Muthoni Rutere
The principal of Kimangao Girls’ Secondary School in Kitui is an all-time favorite of her learners. Mrs. Rutere, from her days at St Mary’s Egoji Girls in Meru to Mugoiri Girls to her current school, has been in the limelight for her hard work.

Mrs. Orioki Joyce Ogutu
There’s this saying that goes like; ” the early bird catches the worm.” Mrs. Orioki is indeed the ‘early warm!’ The principal of St. Charles Lwanga Ichuni Girls starts her day at 5 am and ends it at 10 pm. Not a wonder her learners do well academically.

Mrs. Mary Akunja
Mrs. Akunja managerial skills is what separates her from her counterparts. She accepts blame for failures the same way she takes credit for her many successes. The former principal of Kisumu Girls High School, and now the principal of Bunyore Girls’ High School, is an academic giant to be emulated by the upcoming female principals. Her management skills have seen her schools flying higher.

Virginia Gitonga
Running a school like Alliance Girls is no walk in the park. Due to Ms. Gitonga’s commitment and hard work, she has continued to drive her school into success.

Mrs. Jacinta L. Akatsa
The principal of Precious Blood Secondary School is an all-round manager. She ensures that her students have a firm foundation right from form one. Who doesn’t know that hard work pays? It doesn’t come as a surprise that her school always excels.

Flora Mulatya
The principal of Kenya High is among the best female high school principals in Kenya. Ms. Mulatya ensures that her learners are given attention according to their levels. She ensures that all the learners in her school achieve their goals.

When talking about the best female high school principals in Kenya, we cannot forget to mention the Late Mrs. Pacifica Nyambongi, the former principal of Pangani girls. She values education and dedicated herself to serve the interest of their learners.