Top 10 Celebrities who have switched up their hairstyles in 2020

Willis Raburu

It comes as no surprise for celebrities to switch up their look.

Artistes have been open to transforming their look for just a different feel-good style.

There are television news anchors who have joined the list of celebrities by rocking a different hairdo to kick off 2020.

Here are the celebrities who have rocked different hairstyles this year:

1. Willis Raburu- Citizen TV news anchor Willis Raburu took everyone by surprise after showing up on his 10 over 10 TV show rocking dreadlocks.

It is an unusual sight for news anchors who are used to their traditional look with a low haircut for the gents to come popping with some dreadlocks.

Willis has since become subject of criticism as critics felt he should outgrow such decisions.

For the anchor he says he always wanted to put on dreadlocks and 2020 has taught him to go for what makes him happy.

He also told critics on his YouTube vlog not to judge someone based on their hairstyle but rather stay true to themselves and be original.

Willis Raburu


2. Otile Brown- The coastal bred artist took fans by surprise after he stepped out with twisted tribal braids.

The looks got fans talking and he looked handsome as usual even with the change of style but slipped back to his usual short faded hair cut we are used to.

3. Fridah Mwaka– Here is another news anchor who decided to break the norms by switching up the look.

KTN news anchor Fridah Mwaka switched up with a new look from her usual wigs that she rocks on TV to orange dyed hair which she posted on her Instagram page and it is without a doubt Fridah can look good in any hair style she plays around with.

4. Bahati- Last year Bahati was all about dreadlocks to change his usual baby locks look then switched back to his signature hair style after his wife found his locks not pleasing.

In 2020 musician Bahati is all about playing around with colors on his baby locks.

In his hit song Wanani Bahati dyed his hair red for a fresh new look.

5. Eric Omondi- If there is a celebrity that is all about changing to different hairstyles then it has got to be comedian Eric Omondi.

Eric has been trying out different styles from baby locks to faded dreadlocks still trying out with different colors such as red, yellow, brown and so forth.

This time round Eric has switched up his look to a fresh box of yellow dyed faux locs.

Eric Omondi

6. Size 8 reborn- In the past Size 8’s signature style was the red head look.

She then opted to be open to other styles after joining gospel.

She has gone from colored wigs of all length and color to different types of braids.

The particular look that caught fans off-guard was her redhead ponytail look from ‘high bila ndom’ song which she did with singer Masterpiece.

Oh we know Masterpiece is the hair guru so the influence kind of rubbed in.

7. Octopizzo– Talk about hair, the talk of hair without including Kibera rapper Octopizzo is disrespectful.

The rapper is known to play around with different looks and this year was no exception.

Octopizzo has rocked braided hairstyles to cornrows to tribal hairdo as of now and we love him for that.

8. Willy Paul- Controversial singer Willy Paul is also one open to switching up his look.

Normal is boring so it is suitable for him to juggle between baby locks to dreadlocks to tribal braids as he also tries out different hair colors as well.

In 2020 he has done songs in brown baby locks then pimped his looks to tribal braids which look awesome on him.

DK and Willy Paul

9. Lilian Muli- Anchors are becoming very much open to setting the trend and changing the look.

Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli is another name in the media industry that has dropped her signature look for a short neat hairstyle.

Lilian Muli is known for her curly black long wigs but if there is something 2020 is bringing is fresh styles.

Lillian Muli

10. Masterpiece- It would be nice to begin the list with gospel artiste Masterpiece as he is the king of hairdos but opted to introduce newbies first for a good welcome.

The artist is the undisputed master of switching up to different looks and colors and he gets us in it.

Masterpiece has stepped out in cornrows to curly faded twists to now rocking the mixture of blonde and black twists.

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