TOP 10 Jobs in Kenya That Can Make You A Millionaire

Unless you are a politician or a very successful entrepreneur in Kenya, becoming a millionaire is not a walk in the pack.

It even becomes more worse for the working professional class, who rely on their employers to make millions.

Many companies in Kenya, including county and national governments, are very conservative when it comes to increasing salaries of their employees and even paying them a good monthly wage.

However, there are few professional jobs that allow employed Kenyans pocket millions every month.

Check these cohorts below


Working in aviation industry is quite satisfying and good paying

Average pilots in Kenya earn an average salary of above Sh.100,000 depending on the type of aircraft and flight hours.

According to Kenya Airways (KQ) CEO Sebastian Mikosz, a senior KQ staff in the rank of captain earned an average monthly salary of Ksh1.6 million.

Media Personalities

Media personalities who have created a brand out of their celebrity character can earn as much as a million shillings every month.

This is because they operate as a brand and not as an individuals when signing contracts with media firms.

Top media celebrities such as Jeff Koinange, Lilian Muli, Jalangó etc earn close to a million in just one month


With high demand in the development and improvement of existing facilties, engineers are on high demand.

Being a well-established engineer in Kenya can guarantee more than half a million salary every month


As the world quickly moves towards better and better enhanced technology, so is the need for technologists.

A good IT person is as good as an Engineer, and their salaries scale the Sh.500,000 mark


Medicine is one of the most coveted jobs in Kenya, despite being a high demanding course in colleges and varsities.

Doctors in Kenya start with a salary of about Sh.150,000.

With a good experience, a doctor can pocket as much as Sh.700,000 every month

Sales and marketing

Even though it is not easy to make in this kind of field. One needs to be excellent and find a goof paying and honest firm.

A good marketer can easily pocket more than a million shillings while seated at home.

This is another underrated form of co-entrepreneurship


NGO’s and civil societies in Kenya are paying lot better than any other firm in Kenya.

One can easily pocket a hefty salary when he or she is at a high rank

Accounting and Finance

Well experienced accountants and other professions in finance sector raise a good salary at the end of week, and can scale to more than Sh.400,000.


This is the best rank in Kenya to ever serve.

In Kenya, their are more than 20 CEO’s who earn atleast a million shilling every month.

Late Bob Collymore was the highest paid CEO with a monthly salary of 30 million

Business management

Studying a business related course and finding the best place to implement it can turn your into an overnight millionaire

And this has been the case of many Kenyans who have excellent business management skills in various sector of employment capacities


Lawyers and advocates earn a good salary spanning to millions depending on their experience and their successful previous cases they defended.

Experience and good command of case argument beats the day when it comes to earning huge money as a lawyer

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