Top 10 Richest Man in Uganda 2020 & Net Worth

As Uganda continually increases its wealth base through the influence of a number of rich personalities, the East African country surprisingly has a list of richest people In Uganda in which most of them are of Indian descent.


  • 1. Sudhir Ruparelia

Sudhir Ruparelia

Through the influence of his massive net worth which hovers around $1.2 billion, Sudhir Ruparelia has emerged into great fame as the wealthiest person in Uganda and in the entirety of East Africa. Moreover, Sudhir Ruparelia is regarded as a renowned and fortunate tycoon who rose from a mere business enterprise which he set up with a meagre sum of $25,000.
As he remains the richest Ugandan, he is largely associated with investment dealings in sectors including real estate, broadcasting, education, insurance, and banking.

  • 2. Karim Hijri

Karim Hirji richest ugandan man

Regarded as the main force behind the presence of Dembe Group of Companies, Karim Hijri has attained an impressive feat as Uganda’s second wealthiest person. As the Dembe Group of Companies continually thrives through its subsidiaries such as Dembe FM and Imperial Group of Hotels, Karim Hijri is declared to be worth $750 million.

  • 3. Alykhan Kharmali

Alykhan Karmali richest people in Uganda

Under the aegis of Mukwano Family, Alykhan Kharmali has claimed a notable position amidst the richest Ugandans, especially as he remains the main force behind one of Uganda’s famous companies –Mukwano Group of Companies. With his investments largely centered on banking and manufacturing, Alykhan Kharmali is currently worth $700 million.

  • 4. Mohammed Hamid

Mohammed Hamid richest person in Uganda

Having emerged into Uganda’s class of richest personalities at a youthful age, Mohammed Hamid is considered a fortunate business colleague with huge investments in areas such as transportation, real estate, and manufacturing.

As the owner and originator of the Aya Group, which forms part of Uganda’s thriving companies, Mohammed Hamid’s net worth swirls around $400 million.

  • 5. Charles Mbire

Charles Mbire Richest Man IN Uganda

Since many of the richest Ugandans are of foreign descents, Charles Mbire claims a notable position as the wealthiest native Ugandan. With his entire worth valued at $350 million, Mbire is well known for his diverse business investments which span across transportation, agribusiness, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, real estate, energy, and finance.

  • 6. Sikander Lalani

Sikander Lalani richest men in Uganda

Other than his investment dealings which largely centre on the manufacturing sector, Lalani is the vital force behind the existence of Roofing Groups. Having established himself as an entrepreneur for a very long time, Sikander Lalani has acquired a sum of $300 million as net worth.

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  • 7. Aaron M Mukooza

With regard to his large investments which heavily span across the media together with the banking sector, Mukooza has amassed some net worth valued at $200 million.

  • 8. Gordon Wavamunno

Gordon Wavamunno

As the best part of his wealth is believed to have stemmed from his automotive business, Gordon Wavamunno is immensely linked with the ownership of Spear House together with Spear Motors –his automotive company. Meanwhile, he has the sum of $100 million as his overall worth.

  • 9. Mukesh Shukla

Mukesh Shukla net worth

Shukla is reported to have acquired $100 million as net worth mainly from his ownership of Shumuk Group of Companies –a successful company concerned with cooking utensils.

  • 10. Patrick Bitature

Patrick Bitature richest Man IN Uganda

Bitature is a wealthy personage who acquires the largest portion of his money through a giant telecom company, Simba Telcom, which he presides over. As Simba Telcom Ltd is regarded as Uganda’s biggest seller/merchant of MTN airtime, Bitature’s wealth has surged perpetually and as the chairman of the giant telecom company, his current net worth hangs around $100 million.

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