Top 10 Scarce Skills Jobs Available For SA Graduates

Top 10 Scarce Skills Jobs Available For SA Graduates. The unemployment rate is standing at an alarming 26.6%. Although it is an unfortunate situation, it is well worth remembering which skills will give you a competitive edge and increase your chances of landing a new job.

1. Health Sector

There is a vast need for health workers in this country. Government hospitals are congested with patients, but few personnel. Careers within the sector include, Clinical Nurse, Registered Nurse, Nursing Educator, Nurse Researcher, Nurse Manager, Medical Doctor, Hospital Pharmacist, Medical Scientist and many more

2. Software Development

In today’s digitally dominated world, IT-related skills are far and away the most sought after skills globally and in South Africa. Developing innovative, user-friendly software has become a necessity for businesses that want to stay competitive.

3. Network and Information Security

With businesses moving their capabilities and data onto digital platforms, the need to protect this information is becoming more urgent than ever before, particularly in the face of increasingly sophisticated cyber criminals. Many local companies have been victims of cyber crime. Start preparing yourself for a career in network and information security with this online course.

4. Web Development

Every modern company needs a website, and there is also a need to constantly update website content, user interfaces, visuals and functionality. Web development is a thriving, rapidly growing job sector, with demand likely to remain high for many years to come.

5. Management Skills

Management positions have been and always will be amongst the most sought-after jobs across all sectors. In South Africa, skills shortages are rife in this area, so starting any career with the long-term goal of becoming a manager should give you some solid future prospects.

6. Sales

Sales are the defining success factor for most businesses. With the corporate world becoming ever more competitive, employers are channeling more of their time and money into hiring sales staff. Sales and marketing managers are highest in demand.

7. Financial Skills

Financial skills such as accounting, financial management, auditing, and investment analysis are all included in the Department of Labour’s skills in highest demand in South Africa. A 2018 study by recruiting company Robert Walters found that financial and legal professionals will enjoy increasing demand for their skills, as businesses are hiring heavily in this area.

8. Engineering

A high proportion of engineering graduates choose to work in countries outside South Africa, resulting in skills gaps in this sector. Engineering occupations dominate the Department of Labour’s National Scarce Skills List, occupying the top three positions and six of the top 10. Once you’ve completed a national engineering qualification and you start applying for jobs, employers may well be clamouring to hire you.

9. Education and Training Professionals

The demand in this sector is forever growing. Every year there is an increase of people advancing their studies. This means there is a need for Accounting Teachers, Agriculture Teachers, Business Studies Teachers, Computer Studies Teachers and so forth and so on.

10. Artisans

Electrician, Millwright, Boiler Maker, Fitter and Turner, Carpenter and Joiner, Welder, Plumber, Toolmaker, Diesel Mechanic, Electronics Instrument Trades Worker, Air-conditioning and Mechanical Services Plumber, Automotive Electrician, Automotive Motor Mechanic,Pressure Welder

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