Top Ten Secondary Schools with the Best Drama Clubs in Kenya
Drama Has Proved To Be A Breeding Ground For Talent In Kenya Photo/Nation Media

By Tonny Nyanchwa
With the Kenya Drama and Film Festival calendar approaching, we may quite-wrongly assume that acting is a waste of time in our rigorous education system. This is a perfect release and an avenue to showcase their talent and become paid actors in a country that has started appreciating art in all its forms.

Most of the school drama clubs that are famous in Kenya for their rigorous approach to stagecraft usually have the most passionate tutors and casting directors. Therefore, their good performances do not come as good luck or favor.

Here, we’re looking at some of the top secondary school drama clubs in Kenya and the different classes of items they’ve presented.


The Nairobi’s State House Girls drama club is reasonably-known for Its championship in Choral Verses over the years. The school not only roars in the Nairobi region but in Kenya as a whole. The school’s drama club made another history in 2019 when its coral verse carried the day at Kibabii University.

However, the school stages itself as one of the remarkably high-profile breeding ground for some of Kenya’s most successful stage and screen actresses. Edith Kimani is a product of this school.

Located in Siaya County, the Legendary St. Mary’s Yala Drama Club is the epicenter of the spoken word gurus. The club won the spoken word competition at the national level in 2019. It is known for its efforts to make a success of most of the items it presents on stage.

Nanyuki Boys is a school in the county of Laikipia that was started in the year 1965. The school drama club made a national brand after emerging the French play winner in 2019. The club stands as one of the best nationally as it always strives to present at least an item up to the national levels annually.

The school was founded in 2000 and has excelled both academically and in co-curricular activities. Riara High School drama club has been glowing on the national drama stages for years.

Their play ‘Camels of Tarbaj’ won numerous awards at the 2019 Bungoma national drama festival, including Best Item on the rights of children, Best Production, Best Play in English, Best Actor, Most Original Script, and Best Actress.

The Ikuu Boys, situated in Meru County, is one of the top performers in the national drama festival. The school drama club, in 2019, participated in the French Choral verse competition and emerged one of the best nationally.
The continued efforts of the club over the years have seen it win various competitions in various item classes.

Eregi Girls high school is located in Chavakali, located in Ikolomani South near Maragoli Town, Ikolomani Constituency in Kakamega County. The school has been performing exceptionally in both academics and co-curricular sports for many years. It has one of the best-performing drama clubs in Kenya

In 2019, a member of the Eregi Girls drama club, Juliet Mukari, left the audience in stitches when she presented her Stand-Up comedy in the Kibabii University Hall. Her piece was based on the human behavior of someone who feels jealous of others whenever they succeed. This saw the club winning the competition.

Kapsabet Boys High School is situated in Kapsabet, Emgwen Constituency, Nandi County. Alongside excellent academic performance, Kapsabet Boys has one of the best drama clubs in the country. The club has won several trophies over the years. In 2019, it was one of the best in spoken word pieces.

Ng’iya Girls High School is located in the Ng’iya Township, Siaya county. The school was founded in 1962.
The school boasts one of the best drama clubs in Kenya. The club has carried home several awards for years. The last award was in 2019 when the club emerged position one in the Creative Cultural Dance during the Kenya National Drama and Film Festivals.

Mutige Boys Secondary is a Boys Only Boarding Only school located in the Gichugu constituency, Kirinyaga county. The school has an exemplary drama club. The award-winning club has passionate individuals who make it lively.
The club championed in Solo Verse at Kibabii University in the 2019 festivals.

Maryhill Girls High School is a girls’ national boarding school located in Thika and was founded in 1933. Its drama club is superb; it possesses the stage charisma. The club contains the Modern Dance queens, who won the game in the 2019 festivals.