Top Universities In Singapore: NUS Vs NTU

If you want to study in Singapore, two universities in particular are bound to be at the top of your list. National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) are both consistently ranked among the global top 15 in the QS World University Rankings®, and are typically extremely close together in the table.

This year, NUS is the highest ranked Singaporean university, by one place. NUS ranks in 11th to NTU’s 12th.  With not too much difference between the two academically, it’s worth digging a little deeper when comparing these two universities.


National University of Singapore (NUS) 

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) 

QS World University Rankings® 2022
  • Ranked 11th in the world overall in 2022
  • Ranked 12th in the world by academics and 26th by employers
  • 99th for student/ faculty ratio
  • 50th for citations per faculty
  • 29th for international faculty ratio and 194th for international student ratio
  • Ranked 12th in the world
  • Rated 39th in the world by academics and 62nd by employers
  • 91st for faculty/student ratio
  • 37th for citations per faculty
  • 27th for international faculty ratio and 198th for international student ratio



Subject strengths*

  • Ranked 15th in the world for arts & humanities
  • Ninth for engineering & technology
  • 27th for life sciences & medicine
  • 12th for natural sciences
  • Ninth for social sciences & management
  • Ranked joint 41st in the world for arts & humanities
  • Joint fourth for engineering & technology
  • Joint 119th for life sciences & medicine
  • 14th for natural sciences
  • 17th for social sciences & management


Located in south-west Singapore, next to Kent Ridge.Located in the western part of Singapore. It has the largest university campus in the city-state (200 hectares).

Student community

Around 43,885 students of which 31,760 are undergraduates and 12,125 are postgraduatesAround 32,940 students, of which 24,580 are undergraduates and 8,360 are postgraduates

International tuition fees & financial aid

Undergraduate students who aren’t subsidized by the MOE Tuition Grant will pay between S$32,250 and S$39,050 (~£15,950 to £20,870) per year for most courses.


At graduate level, non-subsidized annual tuition fees at NUS start at S$38,750 (~£20,710) for arts and social sciences subjects. The government-subsidized annual cost would be S$21,400 (~£11,440).


Offers a range of financial aid options, such as the Rotary Student’s Loan

Undergraduate students who aren’t subsidized by the MOE Tuition Grant will pay A$31,970 – $36,830 (~£17,100 – £19,690) per year for most courses.
At graduate level, NTU students with the Tuition Grant can pay as little as S$7,075 (~£3,780) a year for a master’s degree.

Offers financial aid for international undergraduate students, including the NTU Study Loan.

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