“Travel At Your Own Risk,” Naledi Pandor

“Travel At Your Own Risk,” Naledi Pandor. The festive season is the time for many to travel to various destinations. Be it international vacations or checking up friends and relatives in different provinces, South Africans always take the opportunity to travel during festive holidays. The cherry on top is that the traveling ba was lifted when the country moved to Level1 restrictions.

Unfortunately, this might be a problem, as some countries many love to visit at this time of the year, have entered the second wave of covid-19 infections. South African Minister of International Relations and Cooperation has urged locals to be cautious when traveling to countries who are experiencing second wave infections. These are mostly countries in the Northern hemisphere. Pandor emphasized that, if you travel, know you are traveling at your own risk.

She gave travelers, some pointers that will come in handy as they go on vacations. Pandor urged travelers to be  familiar with immigration and health entry requirement to the country you are visiting. She urged them to contact their embassy in South Africa for more information. Secondly, the minister urged have adequate travel insurance. This will sure you are covered in extended hotel stay, and other unexpected expenses.

She further went on to encourage travelers to register with South African embassies when they reach their destination. One thing is also to inform your family or next of kin of your destination and duration of your stay. Pandor also said travelers must meet immigration requirement of the country they are visiting. This is because some countries have revised their VISA regime during the global pandemic.

Another thing is to read thoroughly on the country you are visiting. Postpone if the country you are visiting is a high risk, otherwise, so everything in your power to stay safe. Pandor also emphasized the importance of knowing, the covid protocol of the country you are visiting. In most cases, if you do not comply, you might be denied entry.

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