Tuma fare! From Kevo to Jonte list of stingy Nairobi men

City girls, ladies, women and slay queens, if you are planning to start dating, y’all need to listen up.

Nairobi is filled with men who are God sent, some are filled with the devil’s juice others don’t know who they are and the rest are stingy.

Relationship pundits came up with a list of men who are most likely to have the stingy gene in them.

Slay queens epukana na hawa

Here is the unadulterated list of stingy men, usibishane na mimi please makucha zangu zinauma.

  1. Kevo
  2. Jeff
  3. Tony
  4. Brayo
  5. Karis
  6. Sam
  7. Johny (Unless he is old yaani sponsor)
  8. Philip
  9. Vicky or Voke
  10. Amos
  11. Albert
  12. Moha
  13. Peter
  14. Chris
  15. Ken
  16. Cyprian
  17. Waluhya woooote kwa jumla
  18. Jonte

Dudes what do you think, is your name on the list? Ladies what is your experience with dating these men?

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