Tweeps Make Predictions On The Details Of Cyril Ramaphosa’s Speech #FellowSouthAfricans

Tweeps Predict The Details Of Cyril Ramaphosa’s Speech #FellowSouthAfricans. It has been a while since President Cyril Ramphaphosa addressed South Africans. Over his past state of the nation addresses, many always looked forward to what he will say with regards to lockdown regulations. Today’s speech is no exception, and already it is trending on Twitter, hours before Ramaphosa delivers it.

It goes without saying that Covid-19 statistics continue to soar at an alarming rate. Quite a number of countries have been hard by a second wave of Covid-19. This has brought panic here at home, with some thinking we are headed that direction. Well, we will soon know where we stand, when Ramaphosa addresses the nation in a few hours time at 8pm.

Meanwhile South Africans have taken to social media to predict what they think Mr President will say this time around. They for some reason believe we are going back to a stricter level, where commodities like alcohol won’t be sold.

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