Twitter Reacts To Seeing Evodia Mogase With No Makeup #MadamAndMercy

Twitter Reacts To Seeing Evodia Mogase With No Makeup. When it comes to reality TV shows, make up is the norm. Normally when stars do their diary sessions they are unrecognizable from all the professional make up they have done. When Evodia and Mercy Mogase announced their new show, we all knew we were going to be served nothing but glitz and glam.

They did live up to the expectations. Ever since the show aired, we have been served glamorous dinners, over the top celebrations as well as epic vacations among other things. The star of the show, Evodia, who many know as Madam, is always at the top of her game with designer clothes and luxurious rides.

On Wednesday evening though, the reality TV star surprised many when she appeared with a bare face on the show. Madam still looked beautiful with her bare face and natural her. But you know hoe it goes with Twitter, different views were shared about how she looks.

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