Ukweli Mtupu! Why being born in a rich family is curse

Love over money

To be born in a rich family is considered a blessing.

You never lack anything compared to those born in poor families, who struggle to put a meal on the table.

Although most children born with a silver spoon in their mouth enjoy life, there are those who don’t have it smooth in life.

Pressure from everywhere really affects them.

Well below are some of the reasons why being born rich is sometimes considered a curse.

Live a perfect life no mistakes

People always expect you to be perfect and not make mistakes even in their relationships. Incase of any mistake, you’re judged harshly. One is expected to be a role model a good example is  how netizens treated Saumu Mbuvi and late Tecra Muigai.

Marry fellow rich people

In most cases, wealthy parents prefer their heirs to marry from rich families so as to maintain their status. Those who go against their parents’ will are in most cases denied inheritance and even sent abroad, hoping they do away with their poor lovers. But love is blind.

Trolled online

We have seen several rich kids sinks into depression after being trolled online. From being on top of fashion trends to living a holy life these are just some of the things netizens expect you to observe. You cannot go out partying and drinking because such can be used to tarnish your family’s name.

Some people even use social media to settle scores with these kids after falling out with their parents.

Limited social media life

They are barely on social media. For those who have social media accounts they keep them private and don’t post that often. For those whose scandalous photos go viral, they are not expected to defend themselves or attack back but suffer in silence.

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