Updated List of Proud Kenyans who think they are better than others!

In life, we have come Proud Kenyans who feel like they are better than others. This displays their stupidity because obviously, they are not.

Such people will treat you like a carpet at every chance they get

Well since we are not busy how about we check out this list.

M-pesa ladies

Most, not all treat you as if you are some piece of trash picked u by the roadside.

Most are slay queens thus we understand why they feel the need to treat people that way.

What they forget is that even the 100 bob you are withdrawing is what is helping keep her employed.

Most of them are just ladies who were picked from shagz and they feel like Nairobians owe them something.

Ladies dating policemen

Even when they wrong you they still have the decency of threatening you ‘ ntakuitia bwanangu adeal na wewe’.

This makes you wonder where that husband was when they were conning, abusing or miss treating you.

The next time someone threatens you’ Mwambie amuite’ Kenya sio ya mama ya mtu.

Watu wa Ofisi a Gover/ people working for government offices

If you have never worked with the government then you do not know what frustration is.

The people working there will go for lunch breaks for hours and keep you waiting.

Go for lunch break at 11:30 and only return at 2 and some close their offices as early as 4.00 pm.

When they come back and find you waiting some even have no courtesy to apologize. Some just pack up and go.

The other area that makes them feel like they have made it is when frustrating you about payments.

You may be their supplier but when it comes to receiving payment, my friend utaitana. The answer is always ‘ Accountant anafaa kusign hio check hayuko.’

Police officers

This is another group of people who feel like they have made it in life.

They will honestly harass you, ask for bribes, demand to be given a lift, but when the law catches up with them they behave like a lion that has been rained on.

Mortuary attendants

As if losing a loved one is not enough they will threaten you so that you can pay them to clean the corpse.

Some tell you ‘Ukitaka unaeza chukua ukajioshee’ having no sympathy.

What they forget is that every one of us will die and their family might be treated the same

Maternity nurses

Some are so rude they forget that at some point they will be the ones on the receiving end.

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