Usi choke! Here are the meaning of sheng lyrics used in Gengetone

Kiss FM presenter Jalango hosted the famous Gengetone group behind the popular phrase “kama unijnuawo”.

The group, Gota City, has been trending for a while and the hilarious group had some new words to teach Jalango.

Well according to Kenyans they seem to have their own new language which basically no one understands and is far from the usual sheng we have always known.

According to them the language has always been there.

When they first came to the limelight no one really  understood what they were  saying and were totally confused.

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Here are a few words you may learn to boost your understanding of this new wave of Gengetone stars.

Dem – nguna, tibien, marialize.
Wolan – hivyo hivyo/ ndio
Miyo- kayole
Nyumba- jake
Nauwo- understand / know
Mwingine- mwinengris/ mwiningri
Ryma- primary
Monchoka- kukata
Mazibri- drinking
Medi- hauna rada/ umekaa tu
Liet- kustone
Kubuya- kuogopa
Kumwok- kukuja
Inegris- ingine
Ariff- friend

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Rima- area
Muok- kukuja
Senke- nduthi
Two- mbwegste
Mathigithaga- mashugli/ mahustle
Monchoka- kuja
Zing – buda /father
Mroko- mother
Mongre- brain
Jas- moja
Wabbling- maji

Well with at least a few of this words you won’t be that lost when you listen to their music or hear them speaking.

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