Usiseme hukuambiwa! How to choose a house when moving during rainy and cold season

Pipeline estate Nairobi

Are you planning to move to a new house during this short rains season?

Well, below are the five things you should consider or check out before moving into a new place.

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1. Leaking roofs

The perfect time to go house hunting is immediately after it has rained. You’ll be able to tell if it rains inside the house, leaking roofs and poor drainage system. This will help you to avoid being duped by unscrupulous agents and landlords.

2. Avoid houses near or in forests. They become colder during the Kenyan ‘winter’.

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3. Ensure the house, especially the living room and bedrooms receive the little sunlight that is available in the cold season.

4. Avoid ground floor houses.

We have seen many lose valuables worth millions after heavy rains. Most ground floor houses flood when it rains and this should be the first thing to consider before moving in.

Also, snails crawl into the house when it rains and if you’re afraid of them, do not go for a ground floor house, go for the higher floors.

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5. Ensure you don’t move near uncompleted buildings, swampy areas or construction sites.

Most of the times when it rains, animals or reptiles living in these areas start to move around looking for warmer places and they can easily enter your house.

6. Location of the house.

This should come first. Ensure the place is secure, well lit at night and easily accessible.

Pipeline estate
Poor state of roads in Pipeline estate

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7. Noise and air pollution.
If you have underlying conditions do not move to estates near factories such as industrial area. Also, avoid crowded places and areas with many pubs and clubs because you’ll always be distracted and find it hard to seep.
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