Video vixen Kapoor in trouble after B-Classic pregnancy stunt

Purita Kapoor is in trouble with Champions Studios after allegations that musician B-Classic impregnated her and disappeared.

The record label has distanced itself from the scandal, stating that Kapoor’s publicity stunt has cost them a loss amounting to hundreds of thousands.

According to the label, the allegations by the vixen have injured the reputation of B-Classic, who is one of their most influential artists.

“Her allegations have spread around the social media space and caused public ridicule and contempt against B Classic, who is an influential and reputable artist.

This has not only resulted in hefty business losses worth hundreds of thousands for B Classic, but the allegations which are still unconfirmed have also caused severe damage to the character and reputation of B classic. Our position is that the allegations are baseless and injurious to the reputation of B Classic,” read a statement by Champions Studios.

The label reached a decision to sue Kapoor for defamation.

“For this reason, we will proceed to institute legal proceedings against Purita Kapur and we hereby assert that the reckless statements are defamatory, and in gross violation of the Defamation Act of Kenya, Cap 36 Laws of Kenya,” they concluded.


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Kapoor publicly accused the musician of disappearing into thin air as she struggles to maintain her 3-months-old pregnancy.

She took to the street with a banner, asking Kenyans to help her reach B-Classic since he had blocked her.

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