Waliumbwa wakaumbika! Celebrities with adorable children

Nick Mutuma
The actor with Dua

Celebrities are normally blessed with good looks, which means the genes will then be transferred to their children. Well, here is a list of celebrities with children who are as cute as a button.

DJ Mo and Size 8 – their daughter Ladasha Belle Wambui and their son Muraya Jnr are just one of the most adorable children. Their daughter is also a brand ambassador and for a child of that age she commands a huge online following.

Milly and Kabi Wajesus – their one-year-old son, Taji, is quite a handsome baby and is also a brand ambassador for Kool Kidz.

Crème dela crème – the spin master has two children and his son may be lowkey though his daughter is quite stunning and also very talkative. She is an online darling.

Sowairina (Grace Msalame) – her two daughters Zawadi and Raha are beyond beautiful with elegant hair and great dressing style. Their baby bro is yet to be officially unveiled to the netizens.

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Bahati and Diana – their daughter heaven must be one of the most adorable children on the internet and just at his young age their son Majesty has already started dressing to kill

Nick Mutuma and Bridget Shighadi – the two have a daughter Dua who is as beautiful as her mom and has inherited both parents’ aspects.

Octopizzo – octopizzo has two daughters with different baby mamas and they are both stunning

DJ Soxxy – Dj Soxxy has a daughter and son and they are nothing short of adorable

Nameless and Wahu- the legendary musicians have two daughter and the first born looks like nameless while the second looks like wahu. They are both beautiful
Jaguar- the musician come politician has daughters and a son and he doesn’t lack to bless our timeline with his good-looking children

DJ Pierra – DJ Piera is a mum to a beautiful daughter and she looks just like her
Shaffie weru- the well-known radio presenter has two daughters and his last born is quite adorable.

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