Wamefanana! Never before seen pictures of Churchill comedian YY’s mother

YY is a very private person.

Never will you see him post a picture of his family or lover. In as much as he has been in the limelight for a pretty long time but we have never seen any lady he has been linked to.

YY knows how to keep his personal life private which has kept him safe from a lot of things including cyber-bullying which is affecting a  lot of celebrities.

yy comedian

The worst cyber-bullying case was one of lovers Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian. Apparently disregarding the hurt that a similar act had caused Rob’s sister Kim, in July 2017, Rob Kardashian went on social media to rant about and post naked pictures of his ex Blac Chyna.

The spark for the war was a video of Chyna kissing another man. Rob reacted with attempts to shame her in all quarters: nude photos, allegations of drug use, weight shaming and surgery. The ensuing legal drama led Rob to admit that he needed counseling to help avoid any such future outbreaks.

YY has finally decided to show us at least one important woman in his life. He went to visit his mother at home and she looked very happy to see him.

In case you did not know, YY also has a car and his mother was so proud of him. They took funny pictures to capture that moment. YY’s story is not out there but from his jokes you can tell he started from the bottom.

Meet YY’s mother below:

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