Wamejivalia ngozi ya kondoo! Kenyan gospel artistes who don’t walk the talk

It seems the Kenyan gospel artists don’t walk the talk.

The Kenyan gospel industry has lately been hit with numerous sex-related scandals involving some of the most respected artists in the industry.

Our youthful artists have tarnished the true meaning of gospel by putting money and fame before God.

And here are some of them;

DK Kwenye Beat

DK Kwenye beat was accused of infecting a 20-year-old college student from Nakuru with a sexually transmitted disease.

The lad has been in the industry for long and it was least expected of him to fall into such a scandal.

News about the infection brought a different perception of the talented DK that many people knew.

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Hope Kid

Simon Peter, popularly known as Hope Kid, has been a good kid in the music until he landed in a similar scandal as DK.

Together with his close friend DK Kwenye Beat, the two were exposed after a girl linked them to a disturbing sex scandal.


Kelvin Bahati Bahati has for the longest time been having issues with artistes signed under his label, EMB Records.

A couple of them have left the label following frustrations from the Barua hitmaker and his alleged arrogant behaviour.

Recently, he has been on the spotlight after he sued Peter Blessing, a 20-year-old singer he had promised to help.

Blessing was arrested alongside EMB producer Paulo and spent a couple of nights at Central Police Station, Nairobi before being arraigned for allegedly defrauding Bahati over Ksh 2 million.

Bahati’s marriage to Diana Marua has also been controversial as he married her while she was already expectant with his child, meaning they had premarital sex which is against biblical teachings.

The fact that he first sired a child with ex-lover Kisha Yvette outside marriage and kept is secret for over two years, also raises serious questions about the singer’s faith.

Mr Seed

The singer was involved in a sex scandal where it was alleged he slept with a fan who had gone to seek advice from him.

It is alleged he took advantage of the girl even though he is married and has a kid with wife, Nimo Gachuiri.

Ringtone Apoko

Ringtone has been on the trending list for a couple of times for all the wrong reasons.

The singer confused many after he started going around with placards in search of a wife something that did not sound right.

Also, he is always flossing about his wealth online and this is not good for a gospel artiste who tells people to be humble.

Eko Dydda

Eko went viral after rumours of his break up with wife went viral.

According to his wife, she left home sighting infidelity from her gospel singer husband.

The singer was accused of cheating with his wife’s close friend through a bitter Instagram

Size 8

Linet Muraya well known as Size 8, gospel singer compromised her stand after she defended Hopekid and DK Kwenye Beat.

The duo went viral after they were accused of having a threesome with a Nakuru lady and later infecting her with herpes.

Although the majority expected her to condemn the duo’s action, she openly sided with them even when she knew it was wrong.

And then there is his marriage to DJ Mo which was shrouded in controversy as the two were said to have been living under one roof before they made it official.

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