Wameomoka! Meet Kenya’s richest DJs

DJs are part and parcel of the Kenyan entertainment industry and they have taken over the space of spinning the decks in Kenya all at the same time getting paid big bucks for it.

Unlike the past, when an artist had to produce an album to be able to sell his music, DJs in Kenya have made it a lot easier for artists to get airplay for their songs.

They are able to play that music at gigs or the club.

They have taken over the space of spinning the decks in Kenya all at the same time getting paid big bucks for it.

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Have a look at some of Kenya’s richest DJs.

DJ Crème De La Crème

creme-de-la-creme-fashionsddasadsdasDJ Crème De La Crème is among the top best deejays in Kenya at the moment.

He started mixing tapes back in 2003 when he was still a student. His mixes are majorly done around contemporary urban music.

He is well travelled all over the world while deejaying, and he earns some big bucks.

Even though he has very controversial reports on social media, he’s very good at disk jockeying.

Deejay Pierra Makena

Pierra MakenaWhat a man can do a woman can do better? Yep! Makena has proven that.

She is among the top best female deejays in Kenya at the moment.

DJ Pierra gives this statement a whole new meaning.

She is a talented singer, actress, and on top of all this, she is a very gifted DJ.

On top of all this, she is a mother to a beautiful baby girl. Who said women can’t be djs too?

DJ Adrian

He is said to be the best DJ in the country. If you know Capital Fm, then you know DJ Adrian.

He is one of the veteran Deejay’s in Kenya from back in the day.

He’s been able to win a lot of accolades and travel around the world.

One of my favourite things about DJ Adrian is his tag line.

It goes like your favourite Deejay’s Deejay. His speciality is soul music and some hiphop also Kenyan Mashups.

He is also well known because of his Live mixes show known as wheelz of steel.

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Deejay Kalonje


If you live in Nairobi or the major cities and travel using public transport you probably have known DJ Kalonje.

His mixes are so authentic and wicked such that you cannot miss them.

Recently he landed a lucrative job at Switch Tv. It’s quite hard to hate at him.

DJ Sadic

Among many Christian circles, deejay Sadic is known as the best Deejay.

Most of the upcoming deejays have passed through his hands.

He is best known for his live mixes as well as his social media posts.

DJ Sadic


Deejay Phyll

He’s among the list of the best deejays in Kenya at the moment.

Just like Deejay Kalonje, he’s a street deejay with most of his mixes being played by Matatus and Nganya.

He is well known for his reggae and riddim mixes. In the year 2016, he won the award for the most played Deejay in Matatus.

Over the years, deejay Phyll has refined his art of spinning on the decks and moving the crowd.

DJ Delph

He is Mombasa’s finest veejay and one of the few Kenyan deejays to spin in major concerts in Europe.

Delph says his charges vary depending on the demand placed on him by his client.

Kriss Darlin

Kevin Obia with Kriss DarlinKnown for his dancehall and reggae mixes, Dohty Family leader Kriss Darlin, charges ‘enough’. This depends on the event and place of performance.

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