Wanajinauo! Celebrity habits that stun netizens

Akothee and daughters

Every day, we all post pictures and opinions on our various social media platforms giving little thought to whom we may affect, but with celebrities it is a different game.

They are under so much scrutiny from fans such that every post comes with a few bad comments from haters.

Celebrities are known for living a life envied by many and while that may the case, they have habits that would leave you stunned.

Akothee – Kenyan musician Esther Akoth alias Akothee is the mother of all savagery. Her social media pages are awash with many posts of her doing her thing from being with her kids abroad, performing at events with skimpy outfits or even showing off her expensive taste for the finer things in life.

Some express their distaste for her, pointing out they believe she is ugly and others even question the source of her wealth. The mother of five wrote a lengthy post on Instagram, Akothee congratulated Naomi Campbell for her boldness. She added fans would publicly ‘disown’ her if she ever took a nude picture.

Larry Madowo – Former presenter of The Trend, and internationally acclaimed journalist, Larry Madowo has no time to ‘bit around the bush’.

Clear, conscious and to the point, Madowo never minces his words and is always winning to give to you straight. With great following across platforms, his humor and social savvy makes him one of the most entertaining Kenyans on social media to follow.

Babu Owino – Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino has got no chills and does not hesitate to throw words at anyone who crosses him on social media. He has often been involved in various online altercations, from exchanging physical blows with the likes of Starehe Member of Parliament Charles Njagua, aka Jaguar, Owino is not one to shy away; stopping at nothing to share his unpopular opinion online and in person.

Sugar- the ‘Do it like femcee’ has created a fetish in the gastronomy department. “Whenever I eat out, I always try to guess all the ingredients in the meal then dare myself to make it at home; till I get it right,” she says. She does this mostly with foreign food like Chinese and Italian food.
Nameless -David Mathenge, the multi-award singer has parasympathetic nigaritis a condition that simply overcomes the body during digestion forcing him to take a 30 minutes power nap after every meal.

Wangeci Waweru – Based singer and songwriter the fast-rising hip hop singer confesses of watching the last minutes of a movie before starting it. “I do that just to know how it would end before the beginning,” she says.

Tina Kagia – The exuberant radio presenter has her heart set out on food as well; specifically the additives.  “My loves for kachumbari is insatiable, I can have it for breakfast, ten ‘clock tea, lunch or dinner. It’s an all-day craving”

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