Wanajinauwo! List of multi-talented celebrities in Kenya

Some people find it hard to find their talent and it is not a shock when one goes blank if you get asked what you are gifted in, maybe we just don’t have a clue, haven’t pinpointed on what makes us stand out.

Others have been able to know what they are good at while some few have gone to the extent of unleashing more than one of their many talents.

Some celebrities can wear more than one hat effortlessly, here is a look at some of the local names:

1. Joyce Omondi- Joyce Omondi is without a doubt multi-talented the singer who is also a TV presenter, brand influencer and a speaker at CITAM church and it’s safe to say she perfects in all sectors. For the wife of Citizen TV news anchor Waihiga Mwaura, all the hats she wears were not planned for but got herself in those sectors by chance.

2. Foi Wambui- The beautiful Foi Wambui is without a doubt the jack of all trades, known for her edutainment content on YouTube, Foi also is a radio and TV presenter oh and one more thing she has perfected her craft in acting, in fact she is one of the few names featured in the famous ‘sincerely daisy’ movie that premiered on Netflix.

3. Oga Obinna- Funny man Oga Obinna is the recent celebrity to sharpen a new skill. The comedian took to his Instagram account to amaze fans with his skills on the decks as he referred to himself as the super star DJ. He then proved to fans why he can do it all by listing down his titles as a comedian, DJ, presenter, radio host, D.O.P, musician, Dancer, Brand influencer, creative writer and PR consultant. Clearly he is multitalented and owning to all those titles says a whole lot.


4. Vera Sidika- How can we not mention popular socialite Vera Sidika? The curvy lady who rose to fame thanks to her big booty also owns various tiles. Many refer to her as a socialite but she is one of the most successful celebrities in the country with a beauty parlor and products such as Veetox which she sells. Vera Sidika also took everyone by surprise after breaking up with singer Ex-boyfriend Otile Brown only for her to join the music industry with her debut song ‘Nalia’ and the song was pretty amazing. Vera has also done a second song titled Mimi.

Vera Sidika

5. Avril Nyambura- Avril Nyambura comes as no surprise to join this list after all she has from time to time proven herself by wearing several hats. Avril kills it with her vocals and being an entertainer and when it comes to acting, she is made for it too having featured in various films such as Shuga


6. Larry Asego- With his voice one would tend to think he can only be made for radio, well radio is what we knew him for and he rose to fame thanks to hosting shows on Kiss FM and later on Classic FM before calling it quits. He left radio for a lucrative job in the French embassy. 2020 has unleashed a lot of surprises, for fans it was this year that many came to know Larry’s other skill in carpentry. Larry Asego clearly has gifted hands making various furniture and even making money out of it with clients knocking on his door.

7. Kush Tracey- Ndulu hit maker Kush Tracey is known for her outstanding rapping skills. The mkamba wa Masaku in 2018 surprised fans by her debut as a TV presenter on Switch TV’s chatspot. She is also linked with acting as she was briefly featured in Nick Mutuma’s movie ‘You again’.

8. Pascal Tokodi- Handsome and talented that is what we would like to refer to him as. Pascal Tokodi rose to fame after clearing high school in 2012 and being featured in Makutano Junction on Citizen TV, since then he has been flying high as an actor and a musician. Pascal, has done various hit songs such as Nakulove featuring King Kaka and unleashed his comic side from his funny videos he shares on social media. What else can he not do at this rate?

9. Willis Raburu- Man full of surprises, Willis Raburu never seems to stop surprising fans. First he started out as a journalist then gave life to his popular entertainment TV show 10/10, he also doubles as a radio presenter on Hot96. In 2020, he has one more surprise for his fans, Raburu kicked off his other side as an artist with his debut song ‘kalale’ which was a massive hit. We are waiting for the next surprise Willis.

Willis Raburu

10. Jegede- Super producer Jegede first rose to fame thanks to his impressive dancing skills on the Sakata show on Citizen TV. He was part of the dancing group called Everest and did songs together such as their hit song gudigudi. The group fell apart and Jegede decided to go solo and from here we knew more about him as an outstanding singer, song writer and of course one of the best producers in the country.

11. Philip Makanda- Mainswitch studios founder Philip Makanda likes to keep things on the low, not much is known or said about him. He is one of the best music producers in the country having done various hit songs such as one centimeter, Kigeugeu, going nowhere featuring South Africa’s Mafikizolo just to name a few. You might not know this but Philip Maknda was also part of the famous music group Boomba Clan that did the hit song Chonga Viazi back in the days. That is just but a tip on the iceberg, Philo is also an entrepreneur, a music director and a sound engineer. He may be low-key but his talents cannot be hidden.

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