Wanna cook Kenyan meals? Here are the best channels to follow

Are you a foodie? Aspiring to be one? Or you just want to be a good cook? Well, here are some of our favourite chefs that we follow religiously.

Chepchikoni– her journey started from cooking home meals to now owning a restaurant. Chepchikoni has a YouTube channel that shares how to cook locally found meals.

Chef Ali– Chef Ali Mandhry shows how to make mostly Swahili dishes ranging from biryani to ribs and he also makes cakes and has videos of how to make them with locally found ingredients.

Milly Chebby– her YouTube channel consists of family and food. She showscases how to make Kenyan meals and once in a while bakes. She also has collabs with people like Chepchikoni. She has a variety of food like chapatis and mandazi.

Dennis Ombachi– the rugby star with culinary skills. He has a you tube channel where he also shares a few pf his cooking skills.

Faith’s Happy Kitchen– she shares a variety of things you can make from cakes to chapati to ugali it’s a variety of things. It is great for beginners

Jikoni Magic– it’s a channel with so much variety and uniqueness it shares how to make dishes like ukwaju it is great if you are looking for dishes to experiment with.

Maliha Mohammed– she is the lady from Mombasa who completed a 75hour cooking marathon and is said to be the longest nonstop cooking competition

Kaluhi’s Kitchen– a kitchen of variety and uniqueness, there are various options to pick from on what to cook some include fan favourites like Guiness braised cumin beef short ribs. It’s also a great place to learn new recipes.

Pika na Raych- Raych the wife of gospel star Kymo famed for the Thitima hit song has a cooking channel where she shares her ways of making various meal which include pancakes, mandazis, biriyani, pilau, drumsticks, spaghetti and many others.

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