Wanyee to Gatina! 20 Weird Names Of Places in Kenya


Kenya is without a doubt one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Unfortunately, most of us have never been interested in learning more about this fascinating country. However, today I want to share with you names of different places in the country that will not only surprise but crack your ribs as well.

1. Muringiti – Means”blanket” in English. A sleepy town along Nairobi – Naivasha highway.
2. Wanyee – means “genitals” in English. A suburb along Naivasha road.
3. Ituramiro, Gatundu – Derived from Kikuyu word “guturama” which means “kukaa vibaya” yaani, a lady sitting legs apart when in a skirt
4. Mbooni, Makueni County – Mboo is a sheng word for “penis”. In Kamba, it means “a place of buffaloes’
5. Siakago, Embu County – (Cia aka ago) Literal translation, ‘of or belonging to medicine-women’.
6. Kakuma, Turkana County – Kuma is sheng word for vagina.
7. Shika Adabu, Mombasa County – Swahili phrase meaning “have some decency” .
8. Ruaka, Kiambu County –  The name came from the nearby river Ruaka, in full Rui Rwa Aka or the women’s river. Women traders would freshen up at that river after a long day of work.
9. Emuhaya, Vihiga County  – Apparently, a mzungu who used to run a friends church used to encourage the kids to aim higher so they would go around telling other kids to emuhaya
10. Gatina Kanungaga, Kawangware -Kikuyu phrase for “smelly bottom”.
11. Kiangoma, Nyeri County – Means a place of devils in Kikuyu.
12. Mai-ma-ihii, Dagoretti  – It’s a Kikuyu phrase for feces of uncircumcised boys.
13. Sotik, Bomet – It presumably came from a mzungu who told a local “You are so thick”.
14. Kibiingoti – A road sign read “keep off the goats.”
15. Ngombe Nguo – Swahili word for “clothy cow” or something of that sort.
16. Stage Ya Paka – It’s a Swahili phrase for (a bus stop for cats)This is in Bamburi area in Kisauni Sub-county.
17. Pand Pieri, Kisumu – It’s a Luo word for “hide your bottom.”
18. Mafisini – It’s a residential area in Kisauni which was once inhabited by hyenas.

19. Kwa Punda – It means a place for donkeys, a domestic animal famed for transporting heavy luggage. It’s an informal settlement in Changamwe sub-county.

20. Toa Tugawe – This is a small neighborhood in Kisauni Sub-county. A story is told of a killer 40-man gang of youth who terrorized residents for many years since the 1980’s.

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