‘Wataolewa na nani?’ Kenyans roast Eric Omondi’s wife material crew after exposing themselves

Eric Omondi and Shakilla

Comedian Erc Omondi seems to be enjoying 2020 despite many going through a rough time. He has been trending for the past three weeks after he started his own reality show Wife Material.

Nine women are featured on the show among them wannabe socialite Shakilla and Band Beca duo Becky and Carol and only one will marry Eric at the end of the season.

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Omondi has been sharing explicit content from behind the scenes during the shooting of his reality show and many aren’t happy with him.

Below are some of the comments from his followers;

mercy_ramsey Kweli wanawake siku hizi hawana dhamana cheap sana

paulinekemmy1 Enyewe we are cheap more especially when we see money

kimutai_gregzi wonder who will proudly say I want to marry such type of women🙈

vehuhar I think this stupidity should be banned frm social media. These girls are so awkward and lowering their dignity

aggiey.254 For those who won’t win these..who will marry you aki😢😢…imagine someone marrying Erick’s left over..chest pain😢😢💔

vivienewendy Surely sasa hao wasichana do they have parents?

massawejapanni My goodness! Her spine!!!.Kisa show?😓😓😓 !!!!

khadhija_mswahili Nauliza Hawa wanawake shida ni nini.kujianika yote hii kisa kuolewa nkt.

malimachristopher Hao hawana thamani kabisa mtu anawafanyia comedy mkiwa uchi anawabadilisha apendavyo

djshiti_comedian Wasanii tuwache mihadarati😅😅

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