Watch: This Throwback Interview Shows Bonang Has Always Set Her Eyes On The Beverage Industry. The thing about dreams, is that if you work hard on them, they eventually come true. Bonang Matheba is a perfect example that, no matter how big or impossible our dreams and goals are, they are still valid.

The celebrated media personality and successful businesswoman is living her dreams in every possible way. Among other things, Bonang has had a reality show, a lingerie line, a champagne brand, has written a book, has hosted major events, has won a number of award here at home and abroad. All of these thing happen because Queen B is a workaholic who is passionate and specific about what she wants to achieve.

Back in 2012, on an interview with Proverb, Bonang opened up about how she always wanted to have a can of cold drink with her name on it. It sounded like a far fetched dream back then, with the two media personalities even laughing about it. Guess what, eight years later Bonang is a proud owner of House of BNG which is doing well in the market. She recently launched sparkling wine in a can, which comes with two flavours, the BNG Nectar Rosé and BNG Nectar Blanc.