“We Are ALL Going To Die,” A Kind Reminder From Lady Zamar

“We Are ALL Going To Die,” A Kind Reminder From Lady Zamar. There is a Bible verse, that reads: For the living know that they will die, but the dead don’t know anything. Unfortunately, that’s one fact we have to deal with. So if you think, you live your life based on some unrealistic facts, then you better heed Lady Zamar’s advice.

The award winning songstress took to Twitter, to remind her followers to live and love fully while they are still alive. Lady Zamar emphasized the fact that at times social media gives us the idea we are immortal, but the fact is at some point our life will come to an end.

“Remember… regardless of social media and the seeming immortality of our lives and opinions that live on these platforms; we are ALL going to die. So live/love fully, in the present, with gratitude while you’re still blessed with life,” Lady Zamar advised.

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