Wewe uko hapa? Muthoni wa Mukiri reveals the type of men she can’t date/marry

Team mafisi have for a long time been eyeing Inooro TV presenter Muthoni wa Mukiri. Luck is on their side as the damsel is not yet married.

Going by her job, many might wonder what qualities she looks for in a man, don’t worry we have the answer for you.

Dating should be fun, but sometimes it becomes too much work and people end up being frustrated.

According to Mukiri, below are different types of men she cannot date or get married to

  1. A man who says they are not looking for something serious

If a guy does not want you, he friend zones you.

And you end up becoming a girlfriends performing wifely duties.

Such a man will never change.

2. Inconsistency

Inconsistency comes in when a man lets you do all the work.

You will always be the one calling, texting and even asking ‘tunameet lini’.

If a guy is into you, you will know, don’t chase a lazy guy. Find someone who is excited to woo you.

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3. If he is married

If a man leaves a woman for you, he will also dump you for someone else.

According to Mukiri, most married men have experience so they know what to tell a woman.

Her advise, don’t take such men seriously.

4. A guy who is not over his ex

Mukiri says she cannot date or marry a man who is constantly talking about his ex.

Before engaging such a man for a relationship, let him get over his ex and come ready to meet other people.

What are the deal breakers for you when it comes to dating?

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