Why Chipukeezy’s Radio Maisha contract was terminated

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NACADA Vice chair Chipukeezy has revealed why he never started working for Radio Maisha despite being hired.

The Churchill comedian had been approached by Alex Mwakideu who introduced him to the bosses.

Chipukeezy and the Radio Maisha management came to an agreement to hire him but on the condition they would allow him attend to his shows abroad without being fired.

They agreed only to ‘back stab’ him later.

Speaking during an interview on Bonga na Jalas.

‘’I told them I do not have an issue to go back to radio as long I would be allowed to continue with my shows as a comedian.

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I wanted them to allow me to do the show as my idea and on my own terms without being limited. Whether I was in Vegas or in Nairobi.

They thought I was bragging about the shows I have had before. I was in Vegas at the time when the contract was being made yet I was to report on Tuesday.

They had already made adverts and billboards announcing my show.

When I came back to Kenya walikua wamenifuria sana.’’

Chipukeezy added

‘’The same day they terminated the contract is when Chipukeezy show was born. Media owners are oppressing artists.

I thought as an artist you are given a good contract but you do not have the freedom to express who you are. That is why I did not go back to work on radio’’

Jalango advised

‘’You should have had your own contract saying they would not fire you if you went to your shows abroad.’’

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