‘Why i became a sex worker!’ Prositute confesses to Mpasho

Koinange prostitute

I had never been to a brothel before until recently when I decided to visit some of the city brothels. At first, when I entered one brothel, I was shocked to find prostitutes working during the day because I thought they only operated at night. I sat down and ordered for a drink as I watched men seduce women.

(The link below is my personal experience as an undercover prostitute).

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The sex workers walk from corner to corner looking for men and once one gets a client, the negotiations start and after an agreement they move to the rooms where the business of the day takes place.

Prostitution has been linked to trauma, abuse, poverty among other things but, these factors which serve to lead or force women into prostitution, should not be mistaken for the cause of prostitution itself, which is the demand from men to buy sex. If men were not prepared to buy sex, then prostitution would not work as a survival behaviour.

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One prostitute I met agreed to have the audio of a negotiation session with a client recorded.

Alex: You’re very beautiful can I take you home to be my wife?

Anita: No! I don’t think I can make a good wife

Alex: Why? But prostitutes make good wives

Anita: Have you ever married one?

Alex: No. Anyway, let’s change the topic. Do you have kids?

Anita: Yes, I’m a single mother of three. I was chased away by my in-laws after my husband died in 2013

Alex: Ohh sorry.

Anita: Nilishapoa. I have no one to take care of my children. I joined prostitution to fend for my young family. Also I do it hoping kuangukia jackpot so as I can start a business sababu sina pesa ya kuanza biashara.

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