Why I ditched Genge for Gengetone, The Kansoul will be back – Mejja

Veteran musician Mejja has been around since the 2000’s, unlike other artistes of his era who have since fallen off the grid, Mejja has survived shifts of the fickle music industry and maintained relevance all through.

Mejja has featured in almost all the viral hits the country has produced recently, his recent coming from Bensoul’s hit ‘Nairobi’.

Speaking to an interview with Switch TV, when posed with the question of why he transitioned from Genge to contemporary sound Gengetone, Mejja disclosed that music is business and to make some bank you have to ride the wave and learn to adapt.

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He also revealed that he has an eclectic style whereby he draws artistry from.

He disclosed that with Genge’s advent circa 2005, many artistes refused to embrace it, dismissing it as a fad, until it took the country by storm, so he didn’t want to be left out by a new style.

Mejja imparted that he draws his humility from legend Jua Cali who took him under his wing at the apex of his fame.

He also added that his music group, The Kansoul is still on despite rumors of a break. He cited personal issues as reason not to divulge further information.

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