Why I’m not Ali Kiba’s baby mama! Amina Khalef explains her conviction

Ali Kiba’ wife Amina Khalef has been entertaining fans on her social media.

On her question and answer session on Instagram, Amina says that she has been misinterpreted by social media users.

This is because of the many posts she has been sharing on her platform.

She wrote,



Asked if she has another child, Amina revealed that her religion did not allow her to have a child before marriage. Or have one with Ali Kiba out of wedlock, hence her wedding to the star in 2018.

Her husband, however, has three other kids out of wedlock.


Asked about her plan to get more kids, Amina said;

The Kenyan-born businesswoman is said to have caught feelings after her hubby and singer Nandy released their new song ‘Nibakishie’ which shows the two in a romantic setting.

Kiba and Amina tied the knot in 2018 in Mombasa, they then went to Tanzania for a celebration that was aired live on TV.

The two are blessed with a son, Keeyan Kiba.

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