Why is Mother’s Day more popular than Father’s day? (Opinion)

Mothers Day 2018
Mothers Day 2018

Mother’s Day is much more celebrated than Father’s Day? (Yes, I said it!). Why is that? Is it because people have a much deeper connection to their mothers than to their fathers?

I think that is one possibility. But I believe that there are other reasons for the popularity of the day compared to Father’s Day.

The possible reasons are below:

1. The celebration of single motherhood and not single parenthood.

I get it, single mothers make up over 90% of all single parents in this day and age.

Since the 80% more and more women have had kids without a husband, with feminism even celebrating it as a fête.

This leads to there being more women parenting than absentee fathers. Cause and effect.

2. The commercialization of the day

There is a reason why Valentine’s is such a big deal. Even though the illusion of love between the sexes is celebrated, the truth is that most of the money spent on the day goes one way; to the woman.

Marketers have made sharing love into an occasion for one to spend money, often the man. The marketers also know that women control a majority of the spending in most households.

This is one area where they can ‘manipulate’ their significant others into buying them something so they can feel special.( A happy wife, a happy life)

Mother’s Day is no different as the concept of gift giving has been extended to this day by the cunning marketers. And the best part about this day for the marketers is that every (I know that there are orphan’s among us. Please relax!) person has a mother! So that means that every one with a mother is a potential gift buyer.

Men receiving gifts does not tag at the heart strings like the way it does for women; It is emotional and that is good from a business standpoint.

3. Fatherhood not seen as important as motherhood nowadays

This I believe is the biggest reason that the day is treated as an evil step-child (pun intended).

You celebrate what you value. Father’s just aren’t that valuable.

You have a right to an opinion; mine.

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