Why it’s time for Kenyans to prove their loyalty to Khaligraph Jones

Khaligraph Jones has  been nominated in the Best International Flow category for this year’s  BET awards and we can’t keep calm.

The OG as he is best known by his fans is a true story of hard work pays. And it pays in dollarzzzzz.

He is among the only two Africans chosen for the prestigious awards the other nominee being Nasty C.

The event is set to go down on October 27.

Kenyans have always said they support their own, this is the time to prove so.

How to achieve that is by voting as much as possible to ensure that Khaligraph brings the award back home.

It will not only be a win for him but for us as well, Kenya will be respected when it comes to music and so shall the OG.

Kenyans have a way of making you believe they have you back only for them to fail you at the last minute.

Let’s vote and avoid asking ‘Kwani deadline ilikua leo.’ That would be such a shame.

Khaligraph Jones has really worked hard to be where he is, you may not even be a fan of his kind of music but don’t let that blind you enough not to vote for him.

Rapping is an art that not everyone can master so let’s prove to the world that the OG is the best there is, watajua ni mazishi.

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