Why we started the Facebook group, Thriving Couples – Keith and Esther

At a time when many people are getting sceptical on the viability of marriages, Keith and Esther Dindi, a doctor couple who have been married for 12 years with three children started the Facebook group – Thriving Couples.

Keith, a cardiac surgeon and his wife, Esther, a doctor cum nutritionist speaking to NTV, disclosed that the idea of the group stemmed from the achievements of their union and the misinformed notion shrouding dysfunctional ones.

They revealed that the group was put up to illuminate the blissful side of marriage. Which had since been marred by the many cases domestic violence that had spiked when COVID-19 peaked.

They revealed that the predisposition of the media to utterly shine a light on the lapses of marriage was becoming detrimental and that tragic cases were only a small fraction but garnered more prime time.

The doctors disclosed that the group has surpassed their expectations by amassing an exponential 630,000 followers in under four months.

The group abounds with proses of how couples met, their marriage journey down the line accompanied with photos of themselves.

The group continues to mushroom and they wish more people will have their perspective changed for the better in light of the testimonies.

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