‘Women love the smell of dirty under wear’ Captain Kale says after Maina Kageni revealed he has 200 boxers

Maina Kageni
Kenyans have been left in shock after prominent radio personality Maina Kageni said he has 200 boxers, adding that he can’t stand dirty boxers.
This was based on a study that showed that 22% of men rarely change their inner clothing.
Below are some of their hilarious comments.
Captain Kale: Any man who has more than five boxers should be summoned and fined.  That’s against the rules and regulations and men.
Na si lazima ioshwe daily,unarudia like 3 times,Most women love the smell of dirty underwear.
Krop Daniel: By the time you wear the 180th boxer it’d be dirty already with molds for staying that very long period without being worn….3 at most with constant washing and airing is enough.
 Alima Najoli: Having 200 boxers will not help me to pay school fees
Shedy Luiz: Maina you should understand men have bigger responsibilities to undertake than that of considering how many pants do you have.
This is Africa and we are African men and Africa is our business, have a good day.
Ladies how many boxers does your man have? and how often does he change them.
Ama bora uhai
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