Wooishe! Jalang’o opens up about his lowest moments in life


Kiss FM presenter Jalang’o aka Heavy J is a big name in the entertainment industry.

He is one of the most sought after presenters in the country with a number of endorsements but it has not always been like that and it is not always cozy for him even after fame.

Speaking to Switch TV the comedian shared some of the lowest moments in his life before and after fame including the boys club expose made by blogger Edgar Obare, landing a role as an actor on theatre through so much struggle and getting a call from media personality Caroline Mutoko to start working as a radio presenter on the same day his father passed away.

Like most celebrities the road to fame was definitely not easy.

Phelix Odiwuor alias Jalas started his career as an actor in the Kenya National theatre before landing a major role at the famous TV program Papa Shirandula that started his journey to fame and becoming a household name.

Jalas reveals that one of his lowest moments in life was when he landed a role as an actor on theatre through much struggle.

For the comedian he had tried a countless number of times by auditioning for roles but on kept being rejected.

It took a miracle to finally have him on stage.

One day one of the actors failed to show up on the day when the play was to be presented causing a lot of tension and Jalang’o was the only available option to fit in the shoes.

He had luckily mastered the role and was picked to act.

The role included a sad part which required him to shed tears, Jalang’o took advantage of that part of the play to seriously express himself by crying to God.

He cried for having to struggle so much and facing a number of rejections in order to land a role.

He wept because it took one of the actors not showing up for him to be realized.

The comedian talked about life before fame where he had to walk all the way from Mwiki which is past Kasarani to Kenya National Theatres every single day to see if there is a role he can play or rather find luck in acting.

The comedian also mentioned another scenario that was his lowest point which was after getting into the late Charles Bukeko’s show of Papa Shirandula and getting known by people, he finally landed a job at Kiss FM as a Co-host alongside media personality Caroline Mutoko.

This was a turning point in his life as he stated his radio career right at this point by working with Caroline Mutoko on the morning breakfast show.

What makes the whole story one of his lowest moment in life is the double shots of the day, the day he received a call from Caroline Mutoko to inform him he has been officially employed by Kiss FM was the same day his mother later called him to give him news of the passing on of his father.

The scenario had an impact on his life as just when he thought it was the happiest moment in his life in his career then such sad news were presented to him.



Another low moment for the comedian was in 2020 when blogger Edgar Obare shared private conversations between Jalang’o and his childhood friends who refer to themselves as the Boys Club.

The expose was trending on the claims that the comedian and his friends were disrespectful towards women by sharing women among themselves Jalang’o and his friends were heavily criticized and trolled on twitter to the point where it affected his career.

For Jalang’o this was one of his lowest moment as he was not given a chance to explain himself to the public.

Jalang’o explained that the whole Boys Club group chat was not on sharing women but rather a light moment of discussion among friends.

He said the impact of the misunderstanding was so bad that some of his clients started pulling out for bad publicity.

It was at this time when the comedian had just left Milele FM and came up with the idea of starting his own YouTube channel by hosting celebrities which is currently one of the most-watched channels in the country.

With all the sad moments for the presenter this year has not been all bad news on his case.

He has grown from grass to grace to becoming such a heavy weight in the industry, his YouTube channel is a success amassing more than 200,000 subscribers in less than a year after it was opened, he later landed a radio job at Kiss FM after calling it quits at Milele FM and has recently graduated form Daystar University.

His success is definitely evident and the presenter has now expressed his interests in joining politics as the Lang’ata Member of Parliament in the next general elections and owning his own media company.

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