“You copy me you go broke,” Maria actress Maggie brags about her lavish birthday party

Maggie Maria

After the Kalasha awards that saw popular drama series Maria taking over by scooping the award in the category of best TV show, one of its key actress Doria Chege alias Maggie decided to end the celebration in style by having a lavish birthday party on Jamhuri day that people stop talking about.

The actress knows she joined the league of celebrities who seem to be living large in spite of the pandemic as she went ahead to beat her chest at the surprise party by telling fans that if they choose to copy her they’ll end up being broke.

2020 is indeed a tough year and many people have been complaining about the impact of the pandemic on their day to day activities except for some celebrities. This year we have seen our celebrities displaying their fancy lifestyle, the most recent being popular Maria TV show’s lead actress Doria Chege better known as Maggie in the Citizen TV series.

For her it is clear she knows how to party and have a good time after having a posh surprise party that she went ahead to caution fans on copying her as they would end up broke. “You copy me you go broke.” She posted on her Instagram page a day after the party.

Indeed, if you choose to copy her most of us are bound to go broke by breaking the bank to at least try having the type of party she had. What’s amazing is that the whole birthday party was arranged by her close friends to surprise her.

Why the party stands out is because of the whole event. First of all, just like most celebrities her friends chose to go with an all-white party except for the birthday girl who wore a beautiful sky blue gown that made her look like a princess. Her grand entrance was queenly by her making her way into the party carried in a white golf cart in which she was looking like a bride in a white gown.

The Emcees at the event were none other than comedians Owago Nyiro and Dr Ofweneke who made the party exciting as they danced to the music while eating and drinking. Talking about dancing it is worthwhile to note that in a video she posted on her Instagram page, there was one where they all danced in a red carpet affair. Let’s shift focus to her cake, she had three delicious looking birthday cakes, one of the cakes held a surprise gift for her. I know it sounds weird but inside the white cake was stacks of money. Maggie was left speechless as she removed the money from the cake and even questioned if the money was real, well, turns it was real money all part of the surprise from her able friends.

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Fellow actress Yasmeen Saiedi famously known as Maria in the drama series was also present to wish her friend well on her special day, all dressed in a beautiful white gown as the others. Maggie indeed has a reason to brag about her special day after all we don’t get to throw parties like that. The actress even posed a question to fans to challenge them that if that was just but a party then what about her wedding day.


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