‘You’re too old for this!’ fans bash Vera Sidika after posting her bare bambam

Vera Sidika

If you thought days, when socialites used to pose nude for the camera, are gone you’re wrong. Vera Sidika and her rival Huddah Monroe still do it.

The bootylicious socialite who’s known for doing anything to trend has unleashed a photo from a recent photoshoot showing off her bambam.

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The explicit photo ignited mixed reactions among Kenyans with team mafisi worshipping her humongous bambam while many bashed her, saying she was too old to be posting such.
Check out comments from Kenyans


rima_wa_bally You’re trying too hard to stay relevant!

hopewinirosa She is old now. At almost 35 She needs to behave her age.

terencecreative Watu wa kanisa valisheni huyu nguo please

judithnyamallo Why show your nakedness to the world

vive_wekulo96 Yaani sisi wasichana wenine tulizaliwa aje na cellutile mlima mzima na stretch marks, eeeeeish senje you too fine🔥

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kika_mvk Enyewe otile hangewezana 💪

mkuu_odari Shida yake ni Aty plastic bag zilibanniwa lakini anajianika kama nguo haijakauka😪

.khalifa._ke Leo ameamua kutuonyesha plastic

mwaningo_ We living in a generation that celebrates nudity and find it as the only way to make it in life. They brand themselves beautiful names eti socialite, model, brand ambassador, content creator, influencer or miss independent yet at the end of the day ni wanajiuza tu.. Its so sad how we loose our girl child.

ednaliaka Shikwekwe is broke wooiye🤣🤣🤣. Lazima ofisi ionekane

gardiok Okay this is kinda running old, what else are you able to bring on the table?

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