Zari’s best friend, Zodwa Mkandla to inherit Ginimbi’s mansion

Zari Hassan’s best friend Zodwa Mkandla will inherit the luxurious multi-million dollar mansion Zimbabwean tycoon Ginimbi left.

Zodwa is ex-lover to Ginimbi and was at one point rumoured to have been engaged by the tycoon but things didn’t go well.

Zimbabwean media pundits say that the mansion was co-owned by the two ex-lovers but Ginimbi’s wish was that it becomes a tourist resort.


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Ginimbi’s burial will be on Saturday and will be themed all-white funeral. Ginimbi’s friend Sage Kabonge told the media that they will splash dollars on his grave.

Ginimbi died last weekend after his Rolls Royce was involved in an accident and burst into flames.

Ginimbi’s funeral will be attended by his close friends, business partners and fans.

He had three other friends in his car, Moana, Alicia and Karim. Moana’s burial will be on November 25, 2020. This is because the three burnt beyond recognition as they will undergo a DNA that will take time.

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