Zikhona Sodlaka On Coming To Terms With The Passing Away Of Her Father

Zikhona Sodlaka On Coming To Terms With The Passing Away Of Her Father. The death of a parent can ever be easy to comprehend. Having to lose both parents then is catastrophic.

Unfortunately, as some things are beyond human control there are a lot of people out there who have had to bury both their parents. One such is Zikhona Sodlaka, who lost her mother back in 2019. The talented actress has been another blow, and lost her father over the holidays.

Zikhona, who is expecting her first child is slowly coming to terms with the fact that her father is gone. She describes this whole sad experience as the most broken she will ever be.

By some strength I can finally admit to myself that this did happen, my family and I have lost our father.
Probably the most broken I will ever be!
BUT we don’t forget to say thank you even though inxebe lisopha
,” she said.

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She thanked everyone who has been with her family during this trying time. Zikhona also urged people out there to be patient with those who lost in 2020, because it takes time to get over this kind of pain.

Enkosi to the families and friends that hold us in prayer. The 25th of December will hold new meaning from now on.
Pain is exhausting and demanding but it can have all the time it needs. Be patient with us who have lost in 2020,
” heartfelt condolences to Zikhona and her family.

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